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Rich Homie Quan x Back To The Basics (Mixtape Review)


Rating: 73

Notable Tracks: Gamble, Word Of Mouth, Replay

Where has Rich Homie Quan been? the Atlanta native who gained tremendous recognition from his ‘Still Going In’ series and hit song “Flex” has been suddenly quiet over the course of the past couple of years. After the release of ‘If You Ever Think I Will Stop Goin’ In Ask Double R’ and a few unofficial projects, one thing became apparent: Rich Homie Quan lost his swagger. Early on, fans of the rapper received hits like “Type of Way,” “Man of the Year,” “Get Tf Out My Face” and fans even got to enjoy his groundbreaking collaboration project with Young Thug titled “Rich Gang: The Tour Pt. 1.” Lately, fans have just occasionally heard Quan’s voice adorned on a tracks but we may be seeing a rebirth of the Rich Homie that most were used to hearing.

Early on this year, Rich Homie Quan began hinting at the thought of a new full-length release to come out during the early part of the year. After the release of “Uh Minute” in the summer of 2016 and signing with Motown Records later that year, Quan’s buzz began to resurface. He proceeded to say that his upcoming project would be titled ‘Back To The Basics’ which was to tell his fans that he was going to be the original Quan that made listeners gravitate to his music so much

“It’s been a little minute time to go back to that old Quan”

                                                                               -Rich Homie Quan

One thing that never changed about Rich Homie Quan was is natural grit. With every major Atlanta artist from Future to Young Thug to 21 Savage amongst others releasing ear-filling music at a very rapid pace, many did not believe that Rich Homie would be able to keep up with the New Atlanta scene that once included him a couple of years back. However his 11-track response to all of the naysayers put them back in their place and helped Quan keep pace with all of the competition.

One of the most notable tracks from ‘Back To The Basics’ is “Replay” that sounds like it could have easily been on one of his early ‘Still Goin’ In” projects. The aforementioned track also sounds like it should be on replay in every cloud in the nation, especially the ruckus clubs that fill up Atlanta. Quan’s flow sounds like it’s actually gotten better as his rhymes bounce off of each other perfectly. On “Lord Forgive Me” this flow is once again put on full display while his ability to produce hit-making hooks has proved to be just as simple as he made it sound before. Tracks like “Gamble” paint a picture of Quan having to go through life taking risks in order to achieve the success that he has, with lines like “When robbing was a job I would do that shit from 9 to 4” that quietly told us about the underworld that Rich Homie Quan was living in at one point while growing up. His perseverance to get through that part of his life is comparable to him getting through this one part of his musical career with such ease.

The intro to the project, “Never Made It” gives listeners a look into Quan’s psyche as he talks about Atlanta losing faith in him and how he still pushed through all of the negativity to get to where he is now. Sophomore track ‘Heart Cold” takes us on a journey of a few events that changed Rich Homie’s approach to the way he viewed his own life. The tracks also gives us a backstory into the motivation used for this project as he has felt mistreated and forgotten about throughout the hip-hip world.

Rich Homie Quan’s value as an Atlanta rapper should not go unnoticed as he was able to rebound from a long hiatus and deliver us a project that made listeners feel like they were listening to Rich Homie Quan from 2012-2013. Tracks like “Back End” and “Str8” fuse the new Quan with the old and the results couldn’t be much better as his name is slowly beginning to climb up the ladder again for best rapper in Atlanta. At some points during the project his use of autotune like on his older projects was missing and that caused some tracks to become quite bothersome, but make no mistake… Rich Homie Quan is back.

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