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Ralo x Ralo LaFlare (Mixtape Review)


Rating: 7.1

Notable Tracks: I Don’t Need Them, Never Going Broke, I Know It


Ralo back. Simple.

Atlanta rapper Ralo recently signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Bricksquad and the move couldn’t have been better for him. After releasing his past few mixtapes with Cash Money & Black Migo Gang, he teamed up with arguably the most underrated A&R in the rap game. That &R is no other than Gucci Mane who helped to take the careers of Young Thug, Migos, PeeWee Longway and a numerous number of others to new heights. The 1017 head huncho just dropped DropTopWop in late May and instead of just taking time to work on his next project, he gets back to being an A&R for Ralo’s new project.

Ralo has been one of the most fastest rising rappers from Atlanta (which is clearly today’s entertainment Mecca) and with that rise comes a tremendous amount of pressure to produce at a high level. But Ralo doesn’t give a damn about pressure. He simply counterattacks that pressure by consistently dropping projects worth listening to. Fans have watched Ralo go from Famerican Gangster in 2015 to his most mature project to date, Ralo LaFlare which highlights the journey from the beginning until now.

His vicious voice, that is reminiscent to that of Young Thug during his I Came From Nothing days, is actually one of Ralo’s biggest strengths. Anyone who’s familiar with the aforementioned mixtape series remembers hearing the desire and passion in Thug’s voice early on just as listeners hear in Ralo’s voice. The desire to want more not just for himself, but for his entire community has seemed to possess Mr. Famgoon on every track during his new 11-track project.

Sophomore track “I Don’t Need Them” is one of Ralo’s best songs to date and it’s that desire in his voice that brings it out. That fire within him fully brings out the hook as he repeatedly wails “Tell them people f** em, I don’t need them” and then turns around and hits listeners with twin verses that will easily want listeners want to hear more of Ralo. On the very next song, “Trap Star Lifestyle,” Ralo samples Gucci Mane’s “Wasted” and while his effort is accepted he probably should’ve left the beat alone and did something different.

Just Saying.

“Never Going Broke” was one of the best songs on the projects as Ralo tags Young Dolph for a strong feature where the two trade verses back & forth although Ralo’s introductory verse wasn’t one that fans will have on reply in the foreseeable future.  Tracks like “I Know It” hear the Famerican Records rapper giving a shout out to all of his doubters, including a subtle shot at the new freshman on this year’s XXL list. “F** XXL, that sh** for the squares” he raps after believing that he was shunned from the list, while believing that he deserved a spot on the annual collection of talent. “Dangerous Love” and “Mother” display Ralo’s affectionate side towards some important women in his life: The woman who gave him birth and also the women who risk their lives to be with him. It’s songs like the ladder two that excite some listeners, yet lull others because people get too used to hearing Ralo’s more aggressive side that when his softer side comes out it’s very unexpected and sort of boring.

Ralo LaFlare at it’s high points is exciting, tangy and damn near joyous. At it’s low points though it gets sort of unbearable as his high pitched voice gets more annoying by the track. However, the blend of above average production yet head bopping lyrics makes this project a very interesting one. Depending on how one may view it, it can either be seen as Ralo’s strongest work to date or just another above average mixtape from Mr. Famgoon.


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