Top 10 Afrobeat Songs You Need In Your Playlist


Afrobeat is arguably one of the most under appreciated music genres in the entire world.  With talents ranging from the late Fela Kuti to currently rising stars like Davido and Olamide, Afrobeat is usually shunned as a popular genre because it’s origins are in West Africa and it is just now starting to become more widespread throughout the world. With Wizkid making an appearance on Drake’s hit “One Dance” and the aforesaid Davido and Olamide both making an appearance on Wale’s track “Fine Girl,” Afrobeat artists began to push their genre to the forefront by standing out constantly which has avid listeners excited for what the future holds for the genre. For now, let’s look at 10 Afrobeat songs that everyone should add to their playlist today.

  1. Wizkid – Come Closer (ft. Drake)

Wizkid is a world-wide renowned Afrobeats artist that is changing the world of Afrobeats as we know it. Working with big names like Drake, Chris Brown, and Future, Wizkid is bringing Afrobeats to the world of hip-hop. His song “Come Closer” has a similar feel to Drakes “One Dance,” even if you don’t dance, this song will have you on the dance floor all night.

  1. Falz – Soft Work

Falz, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated Afrobeat rappers out right now. Known most notably for his song, “Marry me,” “Soft Work” shows another side to this artist. “Came through in that Mercedes, look mama how we made it” are only some of the catchy lyrics that Falz has in this upbeat club banger.

  1. Runtown – For Life

If you want a difference in tempo than tother songs on this list, listen to “For Life” by Runtown. Like his greatest hit, “Mad over you,” Runtown uses a soft beat and sensual voice to express his love for his girl. Do not underestimate this song! The lyrics are catchy and will have you hooked for weeks!

  1. Tiwa Savage – All Over

If you’ve been to an African wedding or even an African party in 2017 and you have not heard “All Over” by Tiwa Savage then that party needs a new DJ. Tiwa savage is by far the queen of afrobeats with hits like, “Eminado,” “My Darling,” and many more. She has made her mark as the most successful artist of the MAVIN crew with this popular song. “All Over” is a song about the beauty of love and marriage that will make your heart warm and your feet move every time you hear it.

  1. Sona – Ginger

Sona is an up and coming Afrobeats singer from the U.K. that has finally made his mark on the afrobeat world with “Ginger,” his debut song after a long hiatus. Ginger is a song that makes you want to dance, which is probably why it has sparked a plethora of dance challenges across platforms like Youtube and Instagram. Sona is definitely an artist to watch.

  1. Lil Kesh – No Fake love

The amount of people I have seen come out of their seat just to yell these lyrics at a function is legendary. Just like Olamide, Lil Kesh, the creator of the popular west African dance “Shoki,” is so stranger to hits. With popular lyrics like “If you don’t love me now, don’t love me later,” and an upbeat tempo, Lil Kesh is making his mark as an artist that is here to stay.

  1. DJ Spinall – Ohema (ft. Mr. Eazi)

I think it’s safe to say that Mr.Eazi has made his mark on the Afrobeat world as everything he comes out with are bangers and “Ohema” is definitely on that list. The beat only will get you dancing, but the sultry voice of Mr. Eazi will keep you coming back.

  1. Davido – Fall

It is no secret that Davido is changing the world of Afrobeats as we know it. He is known globally for his upbeat love songs like “Aye” “If” and “Fall.” Fall is one of those songs that once you hear the opening beat, you have to make your way to the dance floor. It encompasses, an upbeat tempo, with catchy lyrics like “I don’t wanna be a player know more,” and of course Davido’s one of a kind persona, that makes this song a one of a kind that you definitely need on your playlist!

  1. Wande Cole – Iskaba

Wande Cole hasn’t had as many hits as Davido or Wizkid, but he did not go wrong with this song. For anyone listening to this song that is not of African Descent or heritage and want a translation of the chorus, you won’t be getting one, because Africans don’t know what he’s saying either! But that’s what makes the song so unique. Honestly if you’re not singing “Iskaba, Iska-rebete, Iska-roboto” in the middle of the grocery store just casually….do you even know music?  Because this song will have you doing this on many occasions. You won’t be disappointed

  1. Olamide – WO!!

If you have not heard “WO!!” by Olamide, honestly what are you doing with your life. This song is the ultimate club banger. The ultimate afrobeat song of 2017. This song will get anyone hype, just watch the video. Olamide is known to make upbeat party songs like “Bobo” and “Don’t Stop,” but “Wo!!” really tops the cake. Honestly the name is self-explanatory. Whenever this song comes on it has everyone screaming “WO!!”

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