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Nippy is the New Wave!


Be on the lookout for Nippy Clothing Brand. It has been catching plenty of buzz. College Pop Up shops are coming real soon. This brand is going to take over stores. We sat down and talked with the owner as we were very excited to learn about his journey. Surprisingly, he still a college student.

Exxedera: Thank you for your time. To begin with tell us a bit about your mission objective?

Nippy: Our fashion apparel brand was created in Atlanta, Ga. Nippy is not just another name in fashion it is a culmination of the creativity, passion, dreams and determination of a young college student. What started out on just few sheets of paper is now a upcoming trendsetter in apparel.  Nippy is all set to create some serious ripples in the fashion pool. Goals at Nippy believes in doing nothing less than the best, we focus primarily on style and quality.


Exxedera: Do you see your brand in the same atmosphere as well known streetwear brands like Supreme, Bape, Vlone, Off-White,  etc?  

Nippy: No and Yes if that makes sense? Those are some of my favorite brands myself. I would love to collab with some of those brands one day, I believe we can make some heat that everyone will talk about for years. Nigo is a big inspiration, I love how he took Bape to another level. Man I would love to take my brand to that level, but only time will tell! 


Exxedera: What has the response been so far?

Nippy: Nippy started with a few private previews to close friends. The reaction was overwhelming at first. Many people have always told me they loved the way I dressed since I was younger. Having my own brand is something I been dreaming about since middle school. It all started with Nike, I always wanted to create my own sneaker, and collab with Nike on apparel. Hopefully one day i can fulfill that dream, but until then NONSTOP Grind-mode. Fast Forward I came out with 12 shirts just to see what people would think, and I just received so much support and love from them so I kept it going.


Exxedera: What inspired you to start this venture?

Nippy: Always was into fashion. I wanted to create a brand that was talked about with longevity. Also, provide great quality and make people feel good about themselves when showing off the newest cop. Its a lot of cool brands out there, but they do not seem to keep up with the style. I pride my brand on that, so just join this journey with me its going to be a fun one.

Exxedera: Tell everyone your site and social media page.

Nippy:  Y’all go follow our social media pages

Instagram: @NippyAtl

Facebook: @NippyClothingBrand

Also, Please go check out the site and Shop and Share!


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