Denver Nuggets Sink The Rockets In Huge Western Conference Win

The Denver Nuggets faced off with Western Conference foes the Houston Rockets Friday evening. The Nuggets improved their home record to 24/3 and improved to 36/5 on the season. Houston however falls to 29/22 on the season and remains number six in the conference.


Malik Beasely was a huge factor in Friday’s night win versus the Houston Rockets. Beasely scored a career high of thirty-five points in a crucial Western Conference game.

The Nuggets did not shy away from the basket one bit, in which 6 players scored double digit numbers.

Nikola Jokic also had an even more impressive game for the Nuggets. The star center scored thirty-one points, and recorded thirteen rebounds. The seven foot center showed just how versatile he was by recording nine assists to go with his double-double.

The Nuggets will face off with the Minnesota Timberwolves later this evening (2/2) at 9:00 P.m ET.


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