Did The Seahawks Overpay Russell Wilson?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is the owner of the richest contract in NFL history moment and he’s surely worth it. But did the Seahawks give him too high of a tab considering how many impact players they lost over the years?

Wilson led the Seahawks to a playoff berth in his rookie season and a super bowl title in his second. He got the Seahawks back to the promise land in his third season just to be denied at the goal line when he threw an interception in the end zone near the end of the game. Since that throw at the end of his third NFL season, Wilson has seen relatively little playoff success, although he’s been to the playoffs every year of his career besides one.

The fact that he continually gets to the playoffs leads many to believe that his four-year, $140 million contract extension was worth it. If you think about it, it sort of is. The fact that he went from super bowl appearances during the Beast Mode and Legion Of Boom era to playoff appearances following the departures of Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and others says alot about how great of a leader Wilson is. He’ll be in for a huge challenge next year as they lose their defensive leader, Earl Thomas to free agency. The Seahawks did make a great effort to improve their defense through the draft, drafting players on that side of the ball with three of their first four picks.

The biggest setback on the Seattle roster however falls on the offensive side of the football. Their offensive line is so terrible that Wilson is almost relegated to making most of his throws outside of the pocket and on the run. The Seahawks drafted WR D.K. Metcalf following the retirement of longtime receiver Doug Baldwin due to nagging injuries. Will the addition of Metcalf plus the running of RB’s Chris Carson (5th most yards in the league last season) and 2018 first round pick Rashaad Penny should be enough to will the Seahawks back to the playoffs. But is a super bowl run possible?

A run back to the Super Bowl may have been made more possible if the Seahawks had used some of that money from Wilson’s contract to sign impact players in free agency such as Eric Berry to replace Earl Thomas. Maybe they could have even pulled off a trade


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