It’s Time For The NFL’s Most Underrated WR To Go Play With A Big Time QB

When you think of Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson II what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the 14 touchdown receptions he randomly had in his second year in the om to splash on the scene. Or maybe it’s the disappointment of knowing he probably could’ve been the catalyst for the 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars possibly beating the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game that season. Or maybe even an underwhelming first season in Chicago.

Whatever first comes to mind always remember one thing when mentioning his name: Underrated

Since entering the NFL in 2014 he has over 450 receptions and 39 touchdowns (He lost his entire 2017 season), however he’s done it without a decent quarterback. His list of QB’s played with includes Blake Bortles, Chad Henne, Mitchell Trubisky & Nick Foles, not exactly any future Hall of Famers. If I was Robinson I almost wouldn’t even consider coming back to Chicago. While he’s caught 255 passes in his three seasons in the windy city, he’s only caught 17 touchdowns (He caught 14 in 2015) leaving many to wonder how much better could his numbers be if he had been playing with a better quarterback.

Cover Photo By @mh.grfx via Instagram

It’s time for Robinson to go ahead and move on to a better situation with a top notch quarterback. Houston doesn’t seem set on trading Deshaun Watson despite his trade request, that wouldn’t be a bad situation to step into. What about New England? They’re lack of a true #1 on the outside has severely hurt them the past two seasons. What about staying in the division and going to… Green Bay. People love to say Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have enough weapons outside of Davante Adams. So what about settling for being maybe the best #2 in the league and making the Packers offense much more explosive. If the Colts could land a quarterback via trade it wouldn’t hurt Robinson to look into going to Indianapolis. They have a good offensive line, good stable of backs, a good defense and they’re young.

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