The Dolphins Would Be Crazy To Even Consider Trading Tua

The Miami Dolphins have been tagged as the team that would make the most sense to try to pry Deshaun Watson away from the Houston Texans. Considering they have a bunch of draft picks and a young franchise quarterback it makes sense that they have the best to offer. If I were inside the Dolphins front office however, I would have one thing in mind: Let’s keep Tua.

The idea of having Deshaun Watson on the Dolphins is definitely a huge one to wrap your head around. They’d almost immediately become a real Super Bowl contenders especially if they have that stellar defense at full strength. But this is the thing… What if they don’t produce? Well if they don’t then we’ll be talking about the Dolphins the same exact way we talked about the 2020 Houston Texans. Texans were historically bad on defense this past season and to make matters worse they literally can’t get better through the early part of the draft as they traded their 2021 first and second round picks to Miami in a trade that sent tackle Laremy Tunsil to Houston in hopes that he’d sure up their offensive line.

Cover Photo By @bradsdesignss via Instagram (Click Photo)

The Dolphins are in a far better position long term than the Texans so there is absolutely no reason to try to move him. Miami has to think about this: Tua went 6-3 in nine starts last season for a team that didn’t even have an 800 yard receiver on the team. The last time they had a quarterback win more than 6 games in a season was in 2016 when Ryan Tannehill led them to the playoffs in a 10-6 season. So think about it, Tua leads them to above a .500 record in nine games and Miami wants to move him? Talk about spoiled. And it’s not even spoiled by their own franchises success, it’s the fact that the AFC has so many up and coming quarterbacks that the Dolphins almost feel as if they don’t have the best one after one season and just want better.

You can’t blame a team for wanting more but they can get more, through better trades and through the draft. The Dolphins have four top-50 picks in the upcoming draft (Two firsts and two seconds) and are considering selling all of that plus Tua for one player when they could do a multitude of better moves than that. One thing I thought about, what about throwing the Atlanta Falcons their #18 overall pick and Preston Williams for Julio Jones? Both teams would win in that scenario, as Tua would then have a dynamic WR on the outside while the Dolphins could also keep their #3 pick and use it on a player like Penei Sewell to sure up their offensive line. They would then have two second round picks to play with where they could sure up any depth issues they may have on defense and maybe they could even target a running back after a lackluster year all around from their young group.

Another reason the Dolphins should keep Tua is because if they traded for Deshaun Watson he’d eat up a lot of cap that could be used to just target players at positions of need in free agency. If they could get Aaron Jones for a reason price on a 3-4 year contract and either Allen Robinson or Kenny Galloday to play on the outside that would be more cap healthy than moving forward for a quarterback who’ll be due $35,000,000 in the 2022 season.

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