How Each Team Can Win Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers is set to be a matchup for the ages. GOAT vs. Baby GOAT in what could end up being Tom Brady’s last game or possibly Patrick Mahomes’ official coming out party after beating Brady on the big stage. Which is more likely to happen? I’ll answer that below however what is also likely to happen is a high scoring Super Bowl that will have everyone’s eyes glued to their TV’s.

How The Chiefs Can Win

1. Protect Patrick Mahomes: The Chiefs will be missing their two starting tackles as Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz are both on injured reserve and aren’t able to suit up. The big question then becomes can the Bucs take advantage of two second string tackles on the biggest stage and create pressure with only four rushers for the majority of the night? If the answer is yes, it’s going to be a LONG night for Mahomes as he’ll end up spending more time evaders rushers than throwing. Let’s see how that shakes up come game time.

2. Create/Take advantage of turnovers: Creating turnovers against Tom Brady and Co. will be very important if the Chiefs are going to be successful in this matchup. A few weeks ago against the Saints the Bucs played a clean game, never turning the ball over while getting three takeaways from their defense. The Chiefs will need something of similar nature to happen for their side. The Packers were able to pick Tom Brady off three times in the NFC Championship Game a couple of weeks ago, however they turned that into six points. I wouldn’t expect the same result with the Chiefs however I wouldn’t have even expected that outcome with the Packers given how their offense had been playing as of late. First the Chiefs will have to create some turnovers and if they do and they can convert those opportunities into a bunch of points they’ll stand a great chance on the big stage.

How The Buccaneers Can Win

1. Get The Running Backs Going: The duo of Ronald Jones III and Leonard Fournette are going to play a huge role in the Bucs success of non-success come Sunday. When Brady is at his best he has a running back or two who can make plays out of the backfield (Both Jones and Fournette have been able to provide that this season)

Cover Photo by @wackerdesigns via Instagram

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